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Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis Services for Different Industries

HiTech CFD delivers CFD analysis services by modeling & simulation and all Computational Fluid Dynamics engineering solutions to a continually expanding number of applications and industries. Our CFD competencies in these technologies stem from the fact that we are engaged in development of CFD engineering analysis packages & implementation of latest state-of-the-art innovations in them.

Automotive Industry

CFD analysis and modeling services are mainly used in systems involved with climate control, exhaust systems, under hood calculations, hydraulic systems, fuel cells, coolant flow in blocks/heads, and flows in ducts, valves, and pumps.

Aerospace Industry

CFD analysis services allow wind load estimations of civil structures, aeronautical or automotive vehicle geometry design and analysis of force systems pertaining to them.

Electronic Industry

Computational Fluid Dynamics analysis services are used for flow & thermal field in cabinet and chassis, radiation from high power lamps, thermal management of racks, switching devices, ventilation in clean rooms, flow around disc drives, and flow & thermal fields around components & PCBs.

Software We Use: ANSYS Fluent, Design Modeler, OpenFOAM

Reach out to us for Computational Fluid Dynamics analysis and modeling services at [email protected] or contact us.

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