Aerodynamic Analysis & Design Services for Diverse Applications

The need to develop efficient products with reduced development time is forcing manufacturers to figure out alternative design concepts and exploit existing ones through advanced engineering tools.

HiTech CFD offers aerodynamic studies for HVAC systems, automobiles, civil structures and industrial equipments like turbines and compressors, to help manufacturers evaluate the performance of their products prior to prototyping trials. We closely collaborate with clients to validate their conceptualized design and subsequently reduce product development schedules through a team of expert CFD analysts.

Domain Expertise/Application Areas:

We provide solutions for exterior body aerodynamics, interior air flow simulation, pressure drop calculation for inlet and exhaust manifolds and evaluation of fan and rotor system design to develop fuel efficient and high performance automobiles.
From studying the effects of air flow over aircraft wings and body to the optimization of cabin air flow patterns, our CFD engineers provide solutions to aerospace domains for design development and validating efficient aircrafts.
Design engineers at our engineering facility can assist industrial equipment manufacturers to improve the design of key components such as turbines, compressors and pumps to realize and improve the performance potential.
We have partnered with structural engineers, civil engineers and architects to deliver computational solutions for investigation of indoor air flow patterns, HVAC duct designing external wind loads on civil structures.

Software We Use:

Software we use:Ansys Fluent Software we use:Ansys Designmodeler Software we use:Open Foam

Our Clients
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