Multiphase Flow Analysis Services For Various Applications/Industries

Increasing complexity in industrial mixing and separating devices is posing challenges to manufacturers to evaluate conventional product testing methodologies.

Our CFD solutions for multiphase flow assists design engineers to optimize the design of equipments involving mixing and separation of fluids present in multiple phases. With proper application of turbulence models and flow equations, our analysts helps in evaluating the performance of mixing or separation devices as well as predict the interaction between the solid and liquid or gas particles. The solution also helps engineers to visualize droplets and track particles without conducting experimental investigation.

Predicting particle size, trajectories, collision and breakup can provide key information to engineers with respect to the product design right from the initial design phase. Design can be modified against the simulation results predicting the particle deposition and growth rate due to obstacles in the design, allowing final design to remain flawless.

Through simulation, we aim to significantly reduce the product development costs involving complex fluid flow behavior and allow the manufacturers to bring their products to the market at the right time.

Software We Use:

Software we use:Ansys Fluent Software we use:Ansys Designmodeler Software we use:Open Foam

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