Heat Transfer Analysis For Thermal Compatibility and Performance Optimization

Building effective thermal management strategies for today’s complex engineering products requires right mix of engineering tools and expertise.

We provide heat transfer solutions for major engineering equipments through CFD simulation and assist engineers in assessing the thermal compatibility and performance of the devices comprehensively. With a priori information on cooling and heating characteristics of the associated flow field, design engineers can improve the thermal management of the product significantly. Our analysts as such can shorten the development time considerably by providing key insights through heat transfer studies so that modifications in the design can be applied prior to actual production, providing significant cost and time savings.

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Domain Expertise/Application Areas:


Through heat transfer analysis, our CFD engineers provide insights on cooling system for automobiles and assist in improving the design of radiators as well as improve the efficiency of air conditioning system by simulating the air flow and associated temperature inside the cabin compartment.

Industrial Equipments

For industrial equipments such as heat exchangers, heat sinks, burners and boilers, our simulation solutions help design engineers to predict thermal compatibility and heat transfer characteristics through conjugate heat transfer studies.


We also assist in predicting temperature distribution and effects of natural and forced cooling on electronic components such as PCBs, data centers and microprocessors and provide useful insights for effective thermal management.

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