CFD Analysis Services for Different Industries & Domains

Mounting cost pressures and shrinking profit margins are forcing manufacturers globally, to incorporate advanced product development tools to bring products at the right time in the market with competitive cost structures.

We deliver CFD solutions for number of applications across diverse industrial domains. With state-of-the-art hardware and software infrastructure facility, our fluid dynamicists assist design engineers and manufacturers to evaluate their products involving fluid flow, right from the early design phase. Our team consists of domain experts, mechanical engineers and CFD analysts that together collaborate to provide cost-effective design solutions to allow manufacturers to reduce time to market.

Our Expertise in CFD for Design Testing & Validation:

We assist you in evaluating fluid flow behavior for pressure drop, vortex formation and drag & lift studies. Our CFD engineers study internal and external flows to help you in evaluating HVAC systems and industrial equipments such as turbines and compressors. Read More
We deliver CFD solutions to optimize the efficiency of combustion chambers for engines and industrial energy generation devices, and assist engineers in meeting emission goals. Read More
Our team provides assistance to comprehensively predict the behavior of products involving solid-fluid interaction and determine critical design constraints such as stresses and deformation. Read More
Analysts at HiTech CFD help engineers in investigating the cooling and heating characteristics of industrial equipments involving fluid flows and improve the thermal compatibility of these devices simultaneously. Read More

Our HVAC design specialists specifically hold expertise to address the development of efficient HVAC systems and assist engineers in optimizing the design of associated components. Read More

Our fluid dynamics experts help investigate the behavior of liquids; in particular the movement of water across a range of coastal environments and marine structures for efficient design of deep water exploration and transportation vessels. Read More

Fluid mechanics professionals at our engineering design facility provide solutions to visualize and optimize the design of equipments involving mixing and separation of fluids present in multiple phases, for industrial devices such as separators, scrubbers and mixers. Read More

We have specifically developed expertise to address design challenges of devices like turbines, fans and compressors through computational techniques. Read More

Industry Specific Expertise:


From performance prediction of internal combustion engines, under hood thermal management to external aerodynamic study for automobiles, our solutions for automotive domain can assist in developing efficient vehicles for tomorrow.


We assist structural design engineers to improve HVAC system design as well as predict the effects of wind and wave loads over the exterior of the building structure and subsequently help in improving building design prior to actual development.

Industrial Equipments

Design engineers at HiTech CFD provide solutions to optimize industrial equipments such as turbines, furnaces, valves, heat exchangers through computational simulations and assist in devising energy efficient and cost-effective products.


Our solutions for aerospace industry involve aerodynamic analysis for drag & lift studies and performance evaluation of turbines to provide assistance in developing high performance aerospace equipments.


We also offer design solutions for electronics domain through computational fluid dynamics for effective thermal management of PCBs and data centers as well as improve the performance of handheld devices through heat transfer analysis.

Software We Use:

Software we use:Ansys Fluent Software we use:Ansys Designmodeler Software we use:Open Foam

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