Combustion Analysis Services by Experienced Combustion CFD Consultants

Developing efficient power generation devices and their compliance with strict emission norms require engineers to dive deeper to understand combustion chemistry and resulting physics.

We deliver combustion analysis solutions for engine designers and manufacturers to help them with better understanding on the combustion chamber chemistry, improve the chamber performance and meet emission control goals. With a team of domain experts, our solutions for combustion studies are accurate and can assist in validating new chamber designs to effectively reduce the development cycles and associated costs.

Domain Expertise/Application Areas:


Our combustion engineering experts provide solutions to improve performance of automobile internal combustion engines and simultaneously reduce emission through CFD techniques. We undertake comprehensive combustion studies right from cold flow analysis to full cycle simulations.

Industrial Equipments

From studying the flame development and propagation to chemical species distribution within the combustion chamber, we also assist in optimizing the design of industrial power generating devices such as boilers, furnaces, gas turbines and regenerative thermal oxidizers (RTO) through combustion analysis.

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