Fluid Structure Interaction Services For Effective Solid-Liquid Interaction

Manufacturers are required to look beyond conventional product testing methodologies to exploit design potential and bring competitive products to the market.

Our FSI solutions are aimed to provide comprehensive prediction of the product behavior involving solid-liquid interaction. Highly non-linear deformations, vibrations and other effects of fluid structure interaction can be clearly understood, providing a room for designers to make changes in the design during the early stages itself. With high computational capability and diverse domain expertise, our CFD engineers assist design engineers and product manufacturers to evaluate their product design prior to manufacturing, reducing the physical test trials and associated costs significantly.

Domain Expertise/Application Areas:

Industrial Equipments

We provide CFD simulations to predict the behavior of structural components such as pumps, compressors and turbines against forces generated from fluid interaction and thereby assist in developing devices to resist against vibration, stresses and deformation.

Building Structures

Our fluid mechanics experts help structural and civil engineers to determine the effects of wind load on building structures through simulation techniques, prior to prototype building and help in developing better structures to resist against deformation.


Through effective utilization of our computational capabilities, we assist aerodynamicists and aircraft design engineers to reduce effects of turbulence and flutter and the resulting stresses generated on aircraft wings, providing a cost-effective optimization solution.

Software We Use:

Software we use

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