HVAC Analysis & Design Services for Buildings And Automobiles

Design and structural engineers are required to develop HVAC systems for modern building structures and automobiles that consume least energy while provide effective thermal environment for occupants.

We specialize in delivering HVAC solutions for buildings and automobiles to assist engineers in developing efficient indoor air circulation systems for required thermal comfort. Our solutions provide key insights to optimize designs of ducts, AHUs, cooling towers, chillers, fans and heat exchangers prior to prototype tests. Engineers can establish effective heating and ventilation strategies to keep air quality and temperature inside the required premises as per the human comfort conditions.

Domain Expertise/Application Areas:


Our engineers assist in evaluating the performance of automobile HVAC systems and provide insights on key information such as air flow patterns, air quality and temperature required for human comfort through computer aided simulations.

Building Structures

From HVAC evaluation to the simulation of fire and smoke inside the building, we assist architects and construction engineers to develop effective thermal environment inside data centers, shopping malls, airports, offices and other residential and commercial buildings.


We also provide HVAC solutions for aerospace industry through our expertise in CFD simulation for predicting the thermal comfort for aircraft passengers.

Software We Use:

Software we use:Ansys Fluent Software we use:Ansys Designmodeler Software we use:Open Foam

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