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When to Outsource CFD Projects

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Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) has become more of a mainstream design testing tool for most manufacturing organizations. The possibility to quickly assess the design prior to actual prototype reduces much of the design time, making it highly advantageous for organizations eyeing for faster product development.

When to Outsource CFD Project

It is very much possible to find a team of CFD analysts in many organizations, playing with the fluid flow parameters to evaluate the product designs. However, research suggests that there is also a major chunk of organizations that still prefer conventional design assessment techniques.

There are many reasons that these organizations consider for not choosing this advanced testing method for their products. However, research survey also shows that in order to compete with world-class manufacturers, simulation is a must, which suffices the importance of simulation technique in product design process.

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Mehul Patel

About Author: Mehul Patel specializes in handling CFD projects for Automobile, Aerospace, Oil and Gas and building HVAC sectors. He works as a CFD consultant with Hi-Tech CFD for the past 5 years and has successfully executed numerous CFD projects of high complexities. He is an expert in turbo-machinery, gas dynamics, Combustion, Fluid Dynamics, multiphase flow analysis, computational fluid dynamics etc.