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Archive - January 2015

Simulation Explains How A Sneezing Person in an Airplane Can Make You Sick

One of the leading commercially available simulation software from ANSYS helps in determining the fluid flow behavior for various engineering applications. Engineers utilize these simulation tools to optimize aircraft wings for optimum lift and drag in the air, or improve the performance by reducing aircraft weight.

Read More   |  Posted by: Mehul Patel | Posted on: January 28th, 2015

CFD Simulations to Save Lives

The potential of CFD simulations is increasingly being exploited in many modern engineering fields. However, the use of CFD techniques is more restricted to manufacturing domains, to study and optimize the performance of equipments and systems involving fluid flows. Yet, recent advancements in scanning and computing technologies have opened a whole new set of opportunities […]

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Controlling Pressure Drop in Industrial Valves Using CFD

Controlling fluid flow through valves is a common phenomenon in industries using fluid streams for processing purposes. The use of valves and tube fittings however increases the chances of pressure drop in fluidic systems, which is undesirable especially in cases where high pressurized fluid flow is desired at the outlet. It is important therefore to […]

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3 Most Innovative Applications of FSI in Biomechanical Systems

Fluid-Structure Interaction or FSI is a complex phenomenon involving the interaction of fluid flow with the structure, causing it to deform. While it is often very difficult to solve such problems analytically, they are usually solved...

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Benefits of Using Virtual Wind Tunnels for Aerodynamic Studies

Wind tunnels have been one of the prominent testing tools for aerodynamic investigations. However, its use is limited mainly due to the cost required in physical setup.

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