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Optimizing Designs of Industrial Pipes, Ducts and Manifolds Using CFD

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Almost every industry involves the utilization of pipes, ducts and manifolds to handle wide range of fluids, gases or a mixture of solids and fluids. It is evident that these transport mediums are exposed to critical pressure and temperature, requiring thorough study on their designs to ensure longevity and performance.


A theoretical design calculation for these equipments only give information about the inlet and outlet conditions, and does not involve the details on the fluid flow behavior that is actually occurring inside the channels. Since the design of these components play important role in determining losses in desired output pressure, temperature or flow rate, it is essential to conduct comprehensive analysis of the system.

Computational fluid dynamics proves to be a decisive tool for such cases, providing detailed insights about important design considerations that can be incorporated prior to actual application.

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Mehul Patel

About Author: Mehul Patel specializes in handling CFD projects for Automobile, Aerospace, Oil and Gas and building HVAC sectors. He works as a CFD consultant with Hi-Tech CFD for the past 5 years and has successfully executed numerous CFD projects of high complexities. He is an expert in turbo-machinery, gas dynamics, Combustion, Fluid Dynamics, multiphase flow analysis, computational fluid dynamics etc.